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Chinese carriers increase scheduled international flights for July

2020/6/27 11:18:19
As the spread of Covid-19 comes under control in China, the demand for domestic flights has been growing, while international flights are still being operated at a low level albeit there will be a small increase month on month.

Though China has eased quarantine requirements, it will still take some time before airlines resume international flights in a large scale, considering Covid-19 is still raging in a number of cities worldwide.

On June 15, the US Department of Transportation relaxed its ban on flights to China and allowed four weekly flights between China and the United States operated by Chinese carriers.

The latest flight schedules of Chinese carriers for July released recently show that the overall number of flights will increase though some flights have been canceled.

The international flights to be operated by China’s three major carriers in July are as below:

Air China

Air China will operate flights for 24 international routes per week in July, including 19 diversion routes departing from Beijing, three routes from Shanghai and two routes from Chengdu.

China Eastern Airlines

From July 1 to 31, China Eastern Airlines and its subsidiary Shanghai Airlines will operate flights for 21 international routes per week, including 18 routes from Shanghai, three routes from Kunming and three routes from Nanjing. The July schedule will add flights connecting Kunming and Dhaka, while the route between Nanjing and Bangkok will be replaced by two flights flying between Shanghai and Bangkok.

China Southern Airlines

China Southern Airlines will operate flights for 18 international routes per week in July, among which are 16 routes from Guangzhou and two routes from Shenyang. The flights connecting Shanghai and Taipei will be canceled. The one-way flights from Manila to Guangzhou and the round trips flights between Guangzhou-Kathmandu and Guangzhou-Dhaka are not yet open for reservation due to quarantine requirements.

Three of the four weekly flights between China and US will be operated by the above carriers, and another one will be operated by Xiamen Airlines, a subsidiary of China Southern Airlines.

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